Our Beginners' Course

...runs for 10 weeks and costs £95. It covers the basics of movement and actions of offence/defence, simple tactics and Refereeing. As fencing is not concerned with strength or speed or age or gender, our Novice course is suitable for both male and female participants and has a lower qualifying age of 14 (there is no upper qualifying age!). If parents/carers are concerned, thay are most welcome to stay and observe the sessions in order to put themselves at ease.

We provide all the neccessary equipment (mask, foil, jacket, plastron, glove) but you are welcome to bring your own if you have it (NB we reserve the right to forbid the use of your own kit if we feel it is not up to standard). All you bring is gym clothes and enthusiasm. NOTE: Sweat pants or Jogging bottoms, please, jeans or shorts are not appropriate. For safety reasons, any pockets should be zipped shut or we may ask you to tape them closed.

Our next course starts on the 29th September 2023. Place are limited, so please contact us to book your place.